CFSRES offers developers customised paging feed solutions, from socket connections to advanced API's. Make things work right, from the start. We have multiple statewide links to the SAGRN and host the largest and most comprehensive paging site in Australia, with over 40,000 unique visitors every month.


  • Push notifications, email, SMS, webhooks and other delivery methods
  • Advanced mapping & incident management
  • SAGRN Paging API (using REST), similar to our Paging Gateway
  • Custom IFTTT integrations
  • Statistics, analysis and reporting
  • Paging Feeds in raw format via Message Queue services
  • Consulting & development on customised apps
Our developers are experienced in PHP, Perl, Node.js, NoSQL and the latest real-time web technologies with great in-depth knowledge of Public Safety & Crisis Management systems in South Australia & interstate.

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