CFSRES offers push messaging for pager messages to smartphones or tablet/iPad/PC using the Pushover app!

Once registered for the service, pager messages will be delivered to your smartphone or tablet/iPad/PC within seconds of your pager going off.

You can set custom alert tones for messages, so you will be able to tell if the notification is for a firecall just by listening to the tone!

You will need to download the Pushover app for this service to work.

Pushover is owned by Superblock LLC and has no affiliation with CFSRES.

You can download Pushover using the links below

Android / Apple


What you will receive

You will receive a turnout style message with the message separated into sections, and a map link that takes you to the CFSRES Response Maps where you will see the map view, Hydrant and Water Points, and Google Street View*.

You can also customise your alerts to only get alerted to the things you want... For example: You may want to know if your neighbouring group gets a grass fire that escalates to alarm level 2 or above.
Or receive an alert if there is a road crash on the main road you take to work every day.

We can filter by pretty much anything. Some examples are: CFS Group, CFS Region, Agency, Incident Type, Alarm Level.
These are referred to as "rules".

CFSRES have obtained the SA Water Hydrant / Water Point locations in SA!
We have added these to the response maps that are sent via Pushover Messages to subscribers, so when you are on the way to an incident you can pull out your phone, or use the tablet in the appliance determine where the nearest hydrants are and where the best place would be to place your appliance, or source water.